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2 east king street, Penn Square
Lancaster , Pennsylvania 17602
United States of America

Contact Information:
Phone: 610-587-8308
Fax: 886-692-9332
Email: lancaster@ghosttour.com
Website: www.ghosttour.com
Contact : Eileen Reeser

Grade Level:
3rd - 12th grade

Ghost Tour of Lancaster
In the tradition of storytelling, we bring history back to life! Join us for a fascinatingly entertaining tour in one of America’s oldest Colonial-era towns where tales from the Opera House to the countryside are presented as you’ve never heard them before. Hear the seldom-told tales of Pennsylvania Dutch folklore and age-old legends that have passed from generation to generation for more than 300 years. Suitable and accessible for any age, the quaint and un-crowded streets of Lancaster make for a wonderfully relaxing experience with stories that will stir the mind and move the soul!   REGION: Lancaster County, South East PA.

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