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Running Time:
111 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This is an unremarkable romantic comedy fantasy that's neither very romantic, very funny, or very fantastic, still it's a pleasant date movie for teenagers

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Commentary by director Martha Coolidge; The Lawnmower Race of the Prince & Me; The Look of the Prince & Me; "Inside the Fairy Tale: The Prince & Me"; 8 deleted/extended scenes; Gag reel; Theatrical trailer; English subtitles; Spanish subtitles

The Prince & Me
The rambunctious, rebellious but impossibly handsome Prince (Luke Mably), defies his starchy father (James Fox) and even more rigid mother (Miranda Richardson) to go incognito to the University of Wisconsin, accompanied only by his loyal but stuffy manservant(Ben Miller). There, posing as an impoverished student, he falls for bright, intense Julia Stiles, a farm girl who studies relentlessly and has her future all planned out, which includes going to Johns Hopkins medical school after graduation. She initially rebuffs him, but his charm gradually breaks down her resistance, and soon they’re madly in love. She even takes him home for Thanksgiving, where he hits it off with her family. But just as the two are having an intimate moment in the library, a Danish tabloid reporter who’s tracked the wayward prince down finds them and gets some embarrassing photographs, too. The resultant press frenzy is bad enough, but worse is the fact that Julia rejects Luke when she finds out who he really is. But of course the movie doesn't end there. Julia reconsiders and goes off to Denmark, where Luke tells his initially resistant parents that he's getting married. There follows a good deal of the kind of clash-of-cultures fluff that we have just seen in “The Princess Diaries” and “What a Girl Wants.” Martha Coolidge directed this limp fairytale of a movie., that's pleasant, but not much more.

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