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Running Time:
95 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Rating Explanation:
for mild language and innuendo

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A dull film for all but young girls who might enjoy this contemporary take on the classic fairy tale; a subject which has already been seen recently in both "Mean Girls" and "Ella Enchanted," and each of those was better than this dud.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Additional scenes; Hilary and Haylie Duff Our Lips Are Sealed music video; Hanging out With Hilary and friends cast commentary; Cool screen tests; Cinderella Couture: The Making of a fashionably modern fairy tale; Find Your Prince/Princess Challenge; DVD-ROM weblink*; Theatrical trailer; Languages: English & Franšais (Dubbed in Quebec)

A Cinderella Story
Sam Montgomery(Hilary Duff) has a loving, widowed father who marries a wicked step-mother played by Jennifer Coolidge. Shortly after, her dad passes away leaving young Sam at the mercy of the mean step-mother and her two daughters. Now Sam is treated like the proverbial step-child and handed all the chores to do as well as work at her deceased dad's diner while her step-mother and her half-sisters live a carefree life. At high school Sam's life is no better because she is looked down upon as 'diner girl' and hangs around with the high schoiol nerds. Her only joy in life is e-mailing a secret admirer, but she has no clue as to his identity, although she hopes will be her Prince Charming. This movie is made for a tween audience. Nothing is too complicated, and there are few twists or turns in the plot, and those are telegraphed way ahead. No character has any depth and Hilary Duff does not deviate from the character we've seen her play over and over. When the evil ones are finally thwarted every little plot thread is neatly sown up. A little too neatly for most people. Although this film was made by Warners not Disney, that's the only thing that's unexpected about this motley offering.

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