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Running Time:
1 hour, 45 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Rating Explanation:
for action violence

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
I can't imagine anyone in the whole family who won’t be completely captivated by this hilarious action-packed animated adventure.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Audio commentaries with the filmmakers; "Jack-Jack Attack" -- Jack-Jack challenges Kari the Babysitter in an all-new animated short; the Academy Award-nominated short film Boundin' by Pixar; "Incredi-Blunders" bloopers and outtakes; deleted scenes and an alternate opening; top secret files on all the supers; behind-the-scenes making-of featurette on The Incredibles and more.

The Incredibles
Bob Parr, formerly known as Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) starts out as a superhero among superheros, with an obsession to save people and put bad guys in jail, although he might have been just a bit overzealous about his work. His best superhero pal is Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) and his best superhero gal is Elastigirl (Holly Hunter). But superheros have caused so much chaos in the city, that it's become unlawful for them to continue doing their work. They have all been banished into a Superhero protection program where their identities have been changed, and they have been moved into new neighborhoods. A few years later Bob is living in the suburbs, married to Helen (the former Elastigirl), and father of 3 little superheros to be. There's their teenage Violet who can disappear putting a protective shield around herself, when her mental control is up to it; their pre-teenager who can move so fast he's nearly invisible to a security camera; and their baby, whose speciality has yet to be revealed. Their unused talents are called back into action when Mirage (Elizabeth Pena) invites Bob to get out his costume and go off to the remote island where the evil - Syndrome (Jason Lee) is hiding. Syndrome has demonically devised scientific machinery that will help him take over the world. Only a superhero might be able to eradicate this horrific threat. So off they family all goes to see Edna Mode (voiced by the writer-director Brad Bird), who has been looking after their super-suits that she designed, and which she reinvigorates. This inventive, rib-tickling, awe-inspiring film made for Disney by Pixar (the people who made last year's sensational "Finding Nemo") have done it again. All the voice-over artists have been well chosen, but it's the special qualities of Holly Hunter's voice that's the most memorable. She does for this incredibly delightful film what Ellen Degeneres did with equal aplomb in " Fiding Nemo." This is a movie that's so full of heart and soul that you'll actually feel it becoming a classic while you're watching it. The whole family will love it.

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