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Running Time:
92 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This brightly-colored perfectly silly movie flies right by at such a clip that you won't have time to realize how very slight the whole thing is. Kids under 12 will probably love it.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Bloopers; Deleted scenes; Alternate title opening; A Day at the Races; Breaking the Rules: The Stunts From Herbie: Fully Loaded; Bringing Herbie to Life; Director audio commentary; Lindsay Lohan music video "First"

Herbie:Fully Loaded
Lindsay Lohan stars as a recent college graduate and granddaughter of a legendary NASCAR racer. She rides a skateboard, so that's how we know she's cool. After an unfortunate accident a few years ago, Maggie stopped racing, but somehow the dream's still alive. Before she leaves California for her new job as an associate producer at ESPN, her Dad (Michael Keaton), takes her to the local junkyard to find a car they can fix up. Of course, she unknowingly chooses Herbie, the mystical, magical, possibly-possessed-but-in-a-good-way VW bug that used to be a champion race car. Suddenly, Maggie and the mechanic she has a crush on (Justin Long), realize Herbie is a very special car, and decide to enter a racing tournament where the winner will take on NASCAR champ, family nemesis, and all around jerk Trip Murphy (Matt Dillon). The prize is $10,000 - the kind of money her father and her brother (Breckin Meyer) could really use to keep their failing race team going. But can she and Herbie win the big race? Kids will love Herbie: Fully Loaded, while the rest of us will see its faults and only be slightly annoyed. Director Angela Robinson and a team of writers (Thomas Lennon & Ben Garant and Alfred Gough & Miles Millar) have made a basic Disney family film with the usual, if not boring, checklist of teen angst including the daughter who wants to defy her overly protective father to follow her dreams, a family dealing with the loss of a mother/wife, and the young lady pining away awkwardly for the boy of her dreams. Then, they add a big race, but Herbie: Fully Loaded fails with adults because it goes too far with too many races to win, too much unbelievable silliness and overly stiff acting. However, it's all because this movie's made to appeal to kids, under the age of 12, and there's no doubt they will probably love it.

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