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Running Time:
1 hour, 28 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Rating Explanation:
for brief rude humor, language and mild action

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A dull, laugh-free bore. Even the kids (who won't recognize all the movie plots that have been incorporated) won't be entertained.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Bringing Superheroes to Life: The Making of Zoom; Academy for Superheroes: Guide for Kids.

Many years ago, there was a colossal battle between the Team Zenith, led by the faster-than-light Captain Zoom (Tim Allen "The Shaggy Dog") and their arch-nemeses, Concussion (Kevin Zegers "Transamerica"). Zoom finally destroyed Concussion, but not before his entire team was slain at the hands of Concussion's sonic blasts. As the dust settled, secret departments within the military were already disseminating an official story: The turbulence was caused by an earthquake. When it was discovered that Captain Zoom had sacrificed all his powers to defeat his enemy, the military no longer had any use for him, and he once again became simply Jack Shepard. After many years, the masterminds behind the old Zenith Program, General Larraby (Rip Torn "Men in Black") and Dr. Grant (Chevy Chase " Caddyshack"), have reunited after detecting alarming patterns of disruption from the dimensions beyond that could threaten the fabric of human life. Their only hope is to reactivate the Zenith Program. A new talent in the studies of latent supernatural abilities, Marsha Holloway (Courteney Cox), finds four youngsters with the potential to be superhero fighters. They are 6-year-old Cindy ( newcomer Ryan Newman), who can lift and throw just about anything; Dylan (Michael Cassidy - TV's "The O.C."), a sullen but often invisible young man; Summer (Kate Mara "Brokeback Mountain"), who is telekinetic; and Tucker (Spencer Breslin "The Shaggy Dog"), who can expand his body parts at will. But they need someone to teach them how to save the world--and fast!--and there's only one man for the job, Jack Shepard, now robbed of his powers and working in an auto repair shop. He's a reluctant teacher, but gradually the camaraderie with the kids and his growing attraction to Marsha snaps him out of his inertia and zooms him into action. Too bad it's not a very compelling story or a very funny film.

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