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Running Time:
1 hour, 36 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Rating Explanation:
for mild rude humor and some peril

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
It might be the most expensive comedy ever made, but it's hardly the funniest, and surely the most preposterous. Despite that, Steve Carell is charming in the lead, and at least it's better than its Jim Carrey predecessor "Bruce Almighty."

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Deleted scenes; Outtakes; Animals on Set Two by Two; Animal Roundup Game; Steve Carell Unscripted; The Ark-itects of Noah's Ark.

Evan Almighty
In this sequel to the Jim Carrey comedy "Bruce Almighty," which Carrey fortunately turned down, Evan Baxter (Steve Carell "The 40 Year-Old Virgin") plays a TV news anchorman who gives up his television career to run for Congress. Evan wins the election and packs up his wife Joan (Lauren Graham "Bad Santa") and three sons and moves to Washington. It seems that Joan is quite religious, so before Evan's first day as a Congressman she suggests he pray for heavenly help. Evan does, and asks God to help him fulfill his campaign promise to “change the world.” His message is heard by God (Morgan Freeman who played the same role in "Bruce Almighty"), who orders Evan to build an ark because of the flood that’s coming. He's told to gather the animals two-by-two and put them on the boat. His wife is worried about his sanity and decides that the safest thing for her to do is to leave him.

Morgan Freeman is once again brilliant as the all-powerful, warm, fatherly, heavenly creator and after a few miracles and some good advice, he convinces Evan he’s legit. The film follows Evan as he struggles to keep his position in Congress while God plays pranks designed to nudge him back towards getting to work on that ark. Eventually Evan is left with no choice but to start building. Meanwhile, his three young boys think he’s gone looney as does his staff, consisting of wise-cracking Rita (Wanda Sykes "Monster-in-Law"), his chief of staff, Marty (John Michael Higgins "Best in Show"), and his would-be chief of intelligence, Eugene (Jonah Hill "Knocked Up"). Congressman Long (John Goodman "Barton Fink") who is a friend of big land developers is sponsoring a bill to turn beautiful national parkland into private property so that his land-grabbing friends can make lots of money, wants Evan suspended and set up for public ridicule. In the end, Evan fights back and changes the world politically, but even better, makes some changes within his own family.

Nothing unpredictable occurs in this film which is kind of a sequel to “Bruce Almighty,” also directed by Tom Shadyac, but Steve Carell, a man with a finely honed sense of the absurd, does an excellent job as God's bemused pawn. It would have been a better movie if they hadn't thought it necessary to add so many pratfalls and poop jokes. Although "Evan Almighty" is not a very good movie, or very funny, and often seems like a Sunday morning sermon, it is still a warm, mostly harmless film that you can watch with your kids and might even enjoy yourself.

Steve Carell ... Evan Baxter
Morgan Freeman ... God
Lauren Graham ... Joan Baxter
Johnny Simmons ... Dylan Baxter
Graham Phillips ... Jordan Baxter
Jimmy Bennett ... Ryan Baxter
John Goodman ... Congressman Long
Wanda Sykes ... Rita
John Michael Higgins ... Marty
Jonah Hill ... Eugene
Molly Shannon ... Eve Adams
Harve Presnell ... Congressman Burrows

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