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Running Time:
1 hour, 42 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
Despite some generically catchy songs, this formlaic showcase for Miley Cyrus' charming personality will only satisfy her avid fans.

Additional Info:
Hannah/Miley - Miley Cyrus
Robby Ray - Billy Ray Cyrus
Lilly - Emily Osment
Jackson - Jason Earles
Oliver - Mitchel Musso
Travis Brody - Lucas Till
Vita - Vanessa Williams
Ruby - Margo Martindale
Oswald Granger - Peter Gunn
Mr. Bradley - Barry Bostwick

Hannah Montana: The Movie
Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus), is the pop-star alter ego of regular gal Miley Stewart, the title character of the wildly popular Disney Channel's series. The movie starts with Miley trying to get into a Hannah Montana concert with her best pal Lilly (Emily Osment "Soccer Mom"), while Miley's dad Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus "Mulholland Drive") fumes backstage over her late arrival. Hijacking a golf cart, the girls zoom past clueless security guards, who are naturally unaware, like everyone else, that Miley and Hannah are the same person. With a little help from a blonde wig, false eye lashes, sequins and heels, Miley becomes Hannah just in time for her show.

But Miley's so busy moonlighting as Hannah Montana and jetting off to awards shows, that she barely has time for her friends or family as celebrity obligations overtake her life. After nearly ruining Lilly's sweet-16 party and missing her brother Jackson's (Jason Earles "National Treasure") college sendoff, her father hauls her off to Tennessee for a dose of reality, promising to turn the pampered Malibu starlet back into a country girl.

Despite Miley's objections, Dad insists she'll have to spend two weeks in Crowley's Corners, Tennessee, helping on the farm owned by her no-nonsense grandma (Margo Martindale "The Savages"). After much initial grousing, Miley begins to warm to it, especially when she meets the sexy ranch hand, Travis (Lucas Till "Walk The Line").  She also has to deal with an aggressive tabloid journalist (Peter Gunn "Ever After") who's hanging around, looking for dirt; and a greedy developer (Barry Bostwick "Nancy Drew") who has plans to turn Crowley's Corners into a shopping center, unless she can manage to stop him.

All kinds of mayhem and pratfalls ensue at the expense of these two bad guys, and there are several charming musical numbers, including a rousing, toe-tapping, line-dancing hoedown led by Miley in an effort to raise funds to stave off the developer. But apparently, only a concert by Hannah Montana herself, engineered by Miley, her publicist (Vanessa Williams "Johnson Family Vacation") and her pal Lilly that could bring in an audience that just might help save the town. Despite some generically catchy songs, this formlaic film directed by Peter Chelsom ("Shall We Dance"), is basically a showcase for Miley Cyrus' charming personality, and therefore will mostly satisfy her ever-increasing band of teenage fans.


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