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Running Time:
1 hour, 29 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Rating Explanation:
for mild action and some rude humor.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
Kids will enjoy this zippy, mildly diverting fantasy.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Ten minute film school: short shorts; Ten minute cooking school: choclate chip volcano cookies.

Dad Thompson - Jon Cryer
Dr. Noseworthy - William H. Macy
Mom Thompson - Leslie Mann
Mr. Black - James Spader
Toe Thompson - Jimmy Bennett
Stacey Thompson - Kat Dennings
Nose Noseworthy - Jake Short
Cole Black - Devon Gearhart
Laser - Leo Howard Loogie - Trevor Gagnon

Young Toby "Toe" Thompson (Jimmy Bennett "Star Trek") has basically been neglected at home by his workaholic parents (Leslie Mann "17 Again" and Jon Cryer "Pretty in Pink") and abused at school by a group of bullies led by pint-sized classmate Helvetica Black (Jolie Vanier "Strange Little Girl"),One day Toe discovers a rainbow-colored rock that seems to have the power to grant wishes, but naturally, they aren't granted in quite the way he expects.

Mayhem ensues when the rock is passed from one unsuspecting pair of hands to another, occasioning a series of misadventures involving the other neighborhood kids, their parents and an impressive array of visual effects. Three boys find themselves fending off cobras and crocodiles; another kid, the son of a germophobic scientist (William H. Macy "Seabiscuit"), does battle with a giant booger monster; a bully is transformed into a dung beetle and a baby is hilariously gifted with superhuman intelligence Toe's ordinarily distant parents also receive an awkward lesson in intimacy.

The chief villain is Helvetica's smarmy father, Mr. Black (James Spader "Secretary"), who's CEO of the huge corporation that owns everything and everyone in suburban Black Falls, which it appears is not all the different from the place where you might live. His daughter played to perfection by Jolie Vanier is so lovably hateful here, she gets an "introducing" billing in the credits and even her own musical theme. She deserves all the attention, too.

Each of these Shorts, a series of cleverly interwoven vignettes directed by Robert Rodriguez ("Spy Kids") features some broad slapstick, some clever verbal sparring and a good deal of humor, and they're all neatly tied up with an obvious moral lesson or two.  It will best be enjoyed by younger audiences, but any grown-ups daring to take a look will probably be enchanted as well.

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