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Running Time:
1 hour, 34 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Rating Explanation:
for mild action and some rude humor

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A visually impressive action/adventure movie made with incredible imagination and computer skills that despite its clichés will entertain kids of all ages.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Creating Sharkboy And Lavagirl With Racer Max; Feature Commentary With Robert Rodriguez.

The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D
Director Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids) has taken a story idea conceived by his seven-year-old son Racer Max as the basis for his latest tale, using 3-D for the fantasy scenes, similar to the video game world featured in the third installment Spy Kids. To escape the painful aspects of his real world, where he is bullied at school and subjected to his parents' constant bickering at home, the film's hero, Max (Cayden Boyd), dreams about animated electrical cords, rivers of warm milk and rafts made of chocolate chip cookies. In the morning he faithfully writes down his nighttime adventures, many of which include two kid-sized superheroes, Shark Boy (Taylor Lautner) and Lava Girl (Taylor Dooley). When he goes to school, Max tells his fourth grade classmates tales about a Shark Boy who is rescued by a school of man-eating fish after a terrible ocean storm. The sharks adopt the boy and raise him as one of their own. He soon develops fins, gills and a row of razor-sharp teeth, as well as a shark-like temper. And Max also tells them about Lava Girl with her flaming purple hair, who is able to melt things on contact, and emits globs of gooey lava from her fingertips. But the kids and their teacher (George Lopez) don't believe him for one minute. That is until suddenly one day the disputed duo makes an appearance in the classroom. They beg Max to come with them to save Planet Drool. Racing through the galaxy in a shark-shaped spaceship, they arrive at a dreary looking globe under attack by a nightmarish fiend. Most of the violence is contained in brief outbursts by the sharp-toothed Shark boy and the fiery antics of his hotheaded friend Lava Girl. But the movie is pretty short on storyline. The film does introduce some wonderful concepts about the positive power of dreams and the work needed to make them come true, but before long the script sounds more like a bunch of inspirational platitudes strung together rather than a real plot, and grownups will probably becomed bored, but younger kids will be mightily entertained.

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