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Running Time:
2 hours, 26 minutes

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned.

Rating Explanation:
for intense sequences of war violence

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A sweeping, emotional drama that's technically superb and unabashedly old-fashioned.

Additional Info:
Jeremy Irvine ... Albert Narracott
Peter Mullan ... Ted Narracott
Emily Watson ... Rose Narracott
Niels Arestrup ... Grandfather
David Thewlis ... Lyons
Tom Hiddleston ... Capt. Nicholls
Benedict Cumberbatch ... Maj. Stewart

War Horse

Video/DVD. Title: War Horse In the early years of the 20th Century, a drunken farmer (Peter Mullan) angers his wife (Emily Watson) when he buys the wrong pony. "You were supposed to get a common plow horse!" she argues, but instead he's spent triple the cost on what she dismisses as a "fancy," a long-legged, high-stepping stallion better suited for prancing about with a nobleman on its back. But their only child Albert (Jeremy Irvine) a teenager, latches on to the horse and treats him like the  combination best friend/puppy that he's never had. Albert names him Joey and tames and trains him to plow the fields, but his dad is still forced to give up Joey and leases him to the French cavalry, where he's ridden in battle by Captain Nicholls (Tim Hiddleston) until he is shot down.

The horse is taken for a short time by two German brothers in hiding, Gunther (David Kross) and Michael (Leonard Carow), then discovered by a precocious young French girl, Emilie (Celine Buckens), who insists she and her grandfather (Niels Arestrup) keep him. As the war draws closer to their rural home, the worst is still yet to come for Joey if he hopes to survive long enough to see Albert again.

Director Steven Spielberg ("Saving Private Ryan") revisits his frequent themes of separation from home and loved ones, filling the screen with glorious wide-screen vistas, orchestrating stirring sequences, the most unforgettable of which is Joey's climactic sprint across a scarred battlefield tangled with barbed wire. With its epic storytelling, lush photography and color-saturated vistas, War Horse may remind you of those unforgettable long ago Hollywood classics: National Velvet, The Yearling and Gone With the Wind, but even if your heart doesn't grow three sizes, you will be dazzled by the epic splendor, sweeping drama and heart-stopping passion of one of the year's best films.

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