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Running Time:
72 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Additional Info:
This is the first sequel to Disney's "Peter Pan" the animated classic from 1953. Produced with all of the modern animation techniques currently in use in Hollywood, it still tells an old fashioned story featuring Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, and Peter Pan himself.

Return to Neverland
The story deals with Jane (Wendy's daughter) who's living in London during the blitz in the 1940's. She and her brother, Danny have heard all the stories that her mother has told her about Peter Pan and Captain Hook and when one night she's visited by the evil Captain who mistakes her for her mother, and whisks her away to Neverland where she must find a buried treasure before she can return to London. Of course the trip back is not as easy as it might seem because she has to learn to believe in faith, trust and pixie dust before she is able to fly home, and you know how difficult that can be, but younger kids will be captivated by this colorful film which runs only a little over an hour.

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