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Running Time:
85 minutes

Rating: PG Parental Guidance Suggested.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: This Collector's Edition boasts two discs. The first includes audio commentaries by the directors and effects supervisors as well as other members of the creative team. There are abandoned and deleted sequences, hidden "Easter Eggs," an isolated sound-effects-only track and a treasure trove of supplemental features -- nearly three hours worth -- that chart the film's evolution in sketches and animation tests.

Walt Disney Pictures redefined computer animation with this technically accomplished fantasy of prehistoric life, combining live-action backgrounds with computer-generated animals. After a pterodactyl snatches a dinosaur's egg and accidentally drops it while flying away, the egg is rescued by a family of lemurs, who keep it warm until it hatches. They raise the baby dinosaur, named Aladar, as one of their own, and as he grows to adulthood, Aladar protects the primates that he has come to regard as his family. When a giant meteor appears in the sky, packs of dinosaurs have no idea what to make of the strange fiery light, but Aladar and the lemurs are convinced that they must escape to a safer place before the huge flaming stone destroys their home, leading Aladar to encounter his own kind for the first time. D.B. Sweeney provides the voice of Aladar; other actors in the voice cast include Joan Plowright, Julianna Margulies, Alfre Woodard, and Ossie Davis.

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