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Running Time:
90 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Additional Info:
DVD Disney enhanced home theater mix; filmmakers' audio commentary; animators' audio commentary; "The Art of Aladdin"; "Alan Menken: Musical Renaissance Man"; pop-up fun-fact "trivia mode" playback feature; sing-along to "Friend Like Me," "A Whole New World," and "Prince Ali," as the words pop up on screen; deleted song "Proud of Your Boy," by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, performed by Clay Aiken -- both to the original storyboards and in an all-new music video; "A Whole New World" music video performed by Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson; "A Diamond in the Rough: The Making Aladdin" documentary; deleted scenes; "3 Wishes" game; "Disney's Virtual DVD Ride: i>Aladdin's Magic Carpet Adventure; "Inside the Genie's Lamp" 3-D tour; "Genie World Tour"

Robin Williams's dizzying and hilarious voicing of the Genie is the main attraction of Disney's Aladdin. After a sultan (Douglas Seale) gives his daughter, Jasmine (Linda Larkin), three days to find a husband, she escapes the palace and encounters the street-savvy urchin Aladdin (Scott Weinger), who charms his way into her heart. While the sultan's Vizier, Jafar (Jonathan Freeman), weaves a spell so that he may marry Jasmine and become sultan himself, Aladdin discovers the Genie's lamp in a cave, rubs it, and sets the mystical entity free, leading the Genie to pledge his undying loyalty to the dazzled youth. Aladdin begins his quest to defeat Jafar and win the hand of the princess, with the Genie's help. Monsters, Disney's trademark talking animals, and a flying carpet all figure into the ensuing adventures, but Williams' Genie, who can change into anything or anybody, steals the show as he launches into one crazed monologue after another, impersonating figures from Ed Sullivan to Elvis Presley.

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