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Running Time:
70 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: All-new restoration with state-of-the-art technology; First-ever Digital presentation; 5.1 Disney enhanced home theater mix; Restored original theastrical soundtrack; Forest Adventure game - 8 all-new games geared for all ages including trivia, A musical memory challenge, An acorn catch and more; DisneyPedia:; Bambi's Forest friends; Disney storytime:; Thumper goes exploring; Bambi: Inside Walt's Story meetings; Never-before-seen deleted scenes; Disney time capsule:; 1942 The Year of Bambi; The Making of Bambi:; A Prince Is Born; Sneak peek of the all-new movie, Bambi and the Great Prince of the Forest; All-new 5.1 disney enhanced home theater mix; French and Spanish language tracks; Presented in original aspect ratio: fullscreen (1.33:1); THX-certified, including THX optimizer.

Based on the book by Felix Salten, Bambi traces the seasons in the life of a young deer prince, from his birth and adolescence through the birth of his own two fawns. This masterpiece ranks near the top of the Disney pantheon. Bambi boasts some of Disney's most memorable characters (Thumper the rabbit and Flower the skunk), its loveliest songs ("Love Is a Song" and "Little April Showers"), and its most haunting and harrowing score -- listen to how the ominous Man's theme anticipates the much later shark music from Jaws. It’s hard to imagine an animated scene that more effectively depicts joy and wonder than Bambi's first skittish skate on the frozen pond. There is heartbreak here, too, in Walt Disney’s first-ever death scene. Bambi is truly a film classic that has withstood the passage of time for over 60 years since its creation in 1942. The Special Edition two-disc DVD set will leave Disney and animation buffs delighted with its wealth of archival rarities and unprecedented features. Chief among these is, in lieu of a commentary, audio reenactments of the actual story meetings that chart the film's production.

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