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Running Time:
1 hour, 20 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
An uninspired little computer animated movie that will only entertain your youngest children.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Deleted scenes including 3 alternate openings; Hatching Chicken Little - A "Making Of" featurette; "Where's Fish?" trivia game; Karaoke sing along; The Cheetah Girls music video; Barenaked Ladies music video

Chicken Little
This is a predictable updating of the old tale about a chick that gets clunked on the head and immediately presumes that the sky is falling. Voiced by Zach Braff (TV's "Scrubs") Chicken Little is a scrawny, bespectacled little guy with a distinctly oversized head whose widowed father Buck Cluck (Garry Marshall), a former jock, is chagrined when his son is bonked by an acorn and turns the whole town into a frenzy by claiming that the sky's about to fall in on them. Chicken Little gains back a bit of respectability when he wins a little league baseball game with an unlikely hit, defeating his rival Foxy Loxy (Amy Sedaris). But things really become strange when a real piece of sky comes flying down, leading to a complicated disturbance in which he and his pals - Abby Mallard (Joan Cusack), a grotesquely obese little pig called Runt of the Litter (Steve Zahn) and Fish Out of Water (Dan Molina), who speaks by gurgling because of a water-filled helmet he has to wear; decide that they have to save their town from what they think is an alien invasion. The aliens are actually a bunch of outer-space visitors attempting to retrieve their furry little son, who was left behind in an earlier visit. But none of this is particularly inventive and to top it off there's a far-fetched finale that turns the whole thing into a “Star Wars”-style extravaganza. The voice work by the leads is mostly disappointing except for Steve Zahn who's a pretty amusing piggy. Some of the supporting roles are more entertaining including Don Knotts as the turkey mayor, Patrick Stewart as a teacher who’s literally a sheep, Wallace Shawn as the school principal, and Fred Willard and Catherine O’Hara (from Christopher Guest’s hilarious mockumentaries "Best in Show" and "A Mighty Wind") who are the voices of the alien parents. But even their contributions are linked to animation that by contemporary standards, is pretty unimpressive. Maybe younger kids will find the colorful images engaging, but most older audiences will find the picture overlong even at a mere 80 minutes. The Disney studio has long been admired for its many exceptional animated feature films. Now it has produced what is probably the least impressive cartoon movie of the year.

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