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Running Time:
1 hour, 28 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This computer-animated inspirational tale has a nice message for younger children, but is too predictable and bland for most adults.

Additional Info:
DVD Features:
Commentary by co-directors Colin Brady and Daniel St. Pierre, and writers Jeff Hand and Robert Kurtz Remembering Chris: Tribute to Christopher Reeve featurette; Making of Everyone's Hero: The Little Guy's Journey featurette

Everyone's Hero
This computer-animated movie is about a ten-year-old boy in 1932 New York who loves the Yankee's so much that he's named himself Yankee. But in sandlot games Yankee always strikes out and has to endure constant taunts of the other neighborhood boys. Dejected, he thinks about quitting until he finds an old baseball that talks to him, although no one else can hear it.

Most of the film is a road runner-like chase in which Yankee goes to extraordinary lengths to retrieve and return Babe Ruth’s stolen lucky bat, Darlin’, which has been taken by Lefty Maginnis, a shifty pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Lefty and the evil Cubs manager hope that without the bat Ruth won't be able to beat them in the 1932 World Series. But Yankee succeeds in finding the bat which begins talking to him in the sassy voice of Whoopi Goldberg.

The chase really takes off when Lefty goes after Yankee pursuing him on and off trains, and where he runs into local bullies, train-riding hobos and has a fortuitous encounter with Lonnie Brewster, a black pitcher who teaches him how to hit. The movie is pleasant enough, but it will hardly keep any but the youngest fans really engrossed.

The humor is pretty mild, but at least there are a minimal number of flatulence jokes that seem to proliferate most kids’ movies these days, although the level of slapstick pratfalls is very high. And there's a worthwhile moral, that you can succeed at anything if you only keep trying.

The voice-over talent is very good, featuring among others Brian Dennehy as Babe Ruth, Forest Whitaker as Lonnie Brewster, Rob Reiner as Screwie, Whoopi Goldberg as Darlin’, Mandy Patinkin as Yankee’s dad, and William H. Macy as Lefty. Jake T. Austin makes a personable Yankee. The credits don’t list the actor who voices the Cubs' nasty owner, but it certainly sounds like Robin Williams in especially manic mode. As for the animation, it’s perfectly adequate, though hardly extraordinary. Ultimately the problem with “Everyone’s Hero” is that although it’s about exceptional courage, as a movie it’s exceptionally average; just one more in an unending stream of computer-animated films that keep popping up every couple of weeks.

What makes this film most notable is that it was the last project that Christopher Reeve who produced it along with his wife Dana Reeve and some others. Although the plot is quite predictable and the ending doesn't fit the rest of the movie, younger kids will be entertained.

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