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Running Time:
1 hour, 40 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Rating Explanation:
for some mild violent content and language

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
A wonderful remake of the classic story and film.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Animal planet at the movies: on the set of Lassie; Cast and crew interviews; Behind-the-scenes; Animal auditions; Deleted scenes; Outtakes

Lassie belongs to a young boy named Joe Carraclough ( newcomer Jonathan Mason), whose teacher resents him because he's always falling asleep during class and isn't able to answers to her questions. Joe's father Sam (John Lynch "The Bridge of San Luis Rey") works long hours at the town’s coal mine, away from his son and his wife Sarah (Samantha Morton "Sweet and Lowdown"). But the impending war is going to shut down the coal mine and the family is about to be strapped for cash. So begrudgingly they decide that they have to sell Lassie so they make Joe denounce his dogt, tearfully telling her she was a bad dog. At the same time, a young girl named Cilla (newcomer Hester Odgers), who's about the same age as Joe, is forced to evacuate her wartime upper-class London home and go to live in Yorkshire with her grandfather, the Duke of Rudling (Peter O’Toole "Lawrence of Arabia"). As a way of taking his granddaughter’s mind off her homesickness, the Duke buys Lassie from the poor family. Obviously, Lassie is resistant to leaving and escapes over and over, to be at the school gates when Joe gets out of school, only to be returned by Joe and his parents to the Duke. Finally the Duke moves to his estate in the North of Scotland, taking Lassie along. Finding herself in a faraway land and under the care of a , Lassie uses her wits to find her way back to the family that she loves. Along the way she runs into a travelling puppeteer (Peter Dinklage "Station Agent"), a Loch Ness Monster-hunter (Edward Fox "The Importance of Being Earnest") and an outspokenly humane dog lover (Kelly Macdonald "Nanny McPhee"). This sweet family drama has been lovingly co-written and directed by Charles Sturridge ("FairyTale: A True Story"). And although it's been beautifully photographed on breathtaking Irish and Isle of Man locations, it just might be a bit too old-fashioned for some 21st century audiences.

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