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Running Time:
50 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
50 minutes of pure joy and great songs with all of your Sesame Street favorites plus lots of their most fabulous guest stars.

Additional Info:
Special DVD Features: Sesame Street trivia; Cast interviews; 4 classic Sesame Street shorts; Parenting section: Sesame Street Music Works Wonders.

Sesame Street: What's the Name of That Song? 35th Anniversary
Sesame Street celebrates its 35th anniversary with an all-star musical celebration of the "rich cornucopia of music" that gives the Street its beat. This mega-mix includes jumping songs, rapping songs, animal songs, counting songs, alphabet songs, and even cookie songs. Still, the program asks: Wouldn't it be better if there were one song that the whole world could sing together? The task of finding an answer to this question falls upon the furry back of Super Grover, who embarks on a musical mission. It's all an excuse to replay some of Sesame Street's most memorable musical moments, including an all-star "Sing," featuring the Dixie Chicks, Nathan Lane, Ben Stiller, Gloria Estefan, R.E.M., and Conan O'Brien, among others. Patti LaBelle belts out a "Gospel Alphabet," and Leontyne Price offers an "Operatic Lullaby." Meanwhile, Big Bird's got a song stuck in his head, but he can't figure out "What's the Name of That Song?," which is, of course, the name of that song, and it's one of Sesame Street's most irresistible. As for the ultimate answer at the end of Super Groverís quest? It turns out to be no: In music, as in life, diversity makes things more interesting.

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