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Running Time:
1 hour, 44 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
This sunny adaptation of Beverly Cleary's first novel is lacking in both scope and imagination, but the kids may still enjoy it.

Additional Info:
Joey King ... Ramona Quimby
Selena Gomez ... Beezus Quimby
John Corbett ... Robert Quimby
Bridget Moynahan ... Dorothy Quimby
Ginnifer Goodwin ... Aunt Bea
Josh Duhamel ... Hobart
Jason Spevack ... Howie Kemp
Sierra McCormick ... Susan
Sandra Oh ... Mrs. Meacham
Kathryn Zenna ... Mrs. Kushner
Janet Wright ... Grandma Kemp
Ruby Curtis ... Willa Jean
Hutch Dano ... Henry Huggins

Ramona and Beezus
Video/DVD. Title: Ramona and Beezus Ramona and Beezus  is based on Beverly Cleary's popular children's books and relates the misadventures of a Ramona Quimby (Joey King), a rambunctious grade-schooler with a supersized imagination and her more sedate older sister, Beezus (Selena Gomez).  Both of them are nice as is their Dad (John Corbett) and Mom (Bridget Moynahan), as well as Mom's slightly funky younger sister, Aunt Bea (Ginnifer Goodwin), and Aunt Bea's even funkier former-and-future beau, Hobart (Josh Duhamel).  Ramona's wise third-grade teacher, Mrs. Meacham (Sandra Oh) is nice too, even when she's saying "shush." In fact, everyone is so darn nice and each of their escapades; including Ramona setting the house on fire and Dad losing his job - ends up making you feel it's nice too.

When it becomes a possibility that they'll have to move away from their beloved Portland, Ore., neighborhood, the accident-prone third-grader comes up with assorted moneymaking schemes that have a habit of not quite working out as planned, often to the embarrassment of Beezus and their Aunt Bea.

The film directed by Elizabeth Allen is shot in the bright colors of summertime beach towels. On the one hand, it reflects the cheery, lighthearted humor of Cleary's well-loved books, first published half a century ago, but
the film never quite captures their true essence.


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