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Running Time:
40 minutes

Rating: G General Audiences.

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
The gorgeous cinematography is so spectacular that you'll overlook the disjointed structure of the film.

Deep Sea 3-D
From the opening scene, in which the surf comes rolling at you, this 3-d IMAX film is a dazzling cinematic experience. Director Howard Hall who made the first giant-screen undersea film "Into the Deep" (1994) filmed for over a year in nine underwater locations. The film's narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet who describe the astonishing closeups with a bit of playfulness designed to involve kids as well as get them thinking. The film which emphasizes the importance of biological diversity and interdependence of species. isn't overloaded with facts, providing just enough tantalizing information to enthrall most audiences. Filmed through 3-D lenses, a sense of wonder and grotesquerie prevails. "Deep Sea" touches on the dangers of overfishing and the unraveling balance among ecosystem populations. Included are the luminous moon jellyfish and shimmering glassy minnows that swim past them in a myriad profusion, forests of tube anemones, elegant manta rays, the California mantis shrimp (the most powerful animal for its size on the planet) and the six-foot wolf eel, with its crinkly old-man face, complete with jowls. This exuberant lesson in ecology, full of extraordinary creatures is a glorious example of educational entertainment at its very finest.

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