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Inwood Hill Park
rk Enter the Park at the corner of Payson and Beak Streets,
and follow the chalk markings to the top.
New York , New York

Stargazing in Inwood Hill Park
Every clear Saturday night in June, July and August. It starts at sundown, so it's best to arrive right before sundown and watch the sunset from the hilltop. After the 2013 schedule, going up to the hilltop is not a regularly scheduled event. These sessions will usually be Friday or Saturday nights, but they could be any night if something interesting is happening. I deliberately announce them only a few hours in advance of going up to the hilltop. To know about these special, sporadic events, you need to subscribe to the Google Group, Facebook Group or Twitter feed. . So, if it looks clear out, and it's a weekend night, check out http://www.moonbeam.net/InwoodAstronomy/location-ihphilltop.shtml and see if we are going up. Times will typically be from 8:00 PM until late. But the Park closes at 1:00 AM, so you'll need to be out of there by then.

Directions: To arrive by subway, take the "A" train to the last stop. Come out the stairs at the front of the train, and go up the hill alongside the church. This entrance is right in front of you. The distance between the Meeting Place and the subway is two short blocks at Isham and Seaman Streets.

For a map: go to -  http://www.moonbeam.net/InwoodAstronomy/events-100nights-ihp.shtml

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