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Lloyd Moss

Illustrator: Diana Cain Bluthenthal

Putnam Juvenile

Recommended for: ages 4-8


Number of Pages: 32

List Price: $15.99

ISBN: 0399233350

To purchase at BarnesandNoble.com

Our Marching Band
Just as he did with the wonderful Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin in 1995, Moss has written more sophisticated verse that will keep young ears clamoring to hear it over and over. As the marching band slowly gets assembled, each aspiring musician and accompanying instrument is introduced. and finally, their long hours of practice pay off and their melodious sounds so impress the mayor that she invites them to be in the Fourth of July parade. The silliness of the rhyming text, replete with alliteration and assonance, is echoed in Bluthenthal''s amusing watercolor illustrations. The large pictures feature notes dancing across pages (many of them double-page spreads) and we see exasperated neighbors covering their ears with their hands and even newspapers, as the kids continue to practice their instruments until finally, an exuberant crowd proudly cheers the young people on. Moss conveys not just the joy of music making, but, more subtly, the need to practice hard to make it sound right. Bluthenthal''s cartoon art perfecftly matches the verve of Moss''s words. And as a lovely touch, the mayor is an African-American woman. It''s a great book for kids, especially those who are picking up an instrument for the first time.

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