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Lemony Snicket

Illustrator: Brett Helquist

HarperCollins Publishers

Recommended for: ages 9-12

Compact Disc

Number of Pages: 224

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The Wide Window
Aunt Josephine is a very nervous lady who is afraid of almost everything, including the stove, the telephone, and doorknobs. Her great passion in life is English grammar. In fact, she has a library filled with just grammar books. Unfortunately for the orphans, Aunt Josephine's house is perched precariously on a cliff that overlooks Lake Lachrymose, which is filled with deadly leeches. In addition, Hurricane Herman is headed toward them. But, most unfortunate for the orphans, Count Olaf, in the guise of Captain Sham, has found them and gained the trust of Aunt Josephine. Once again, it is up to the orphans to use their wiles in order to stay out of his evil clutches.

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