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Rufus Butler Seder

Workman Publishing Company, Inc.

Recommended for:
3 and up

Compact Disc

Number of Pages: 12

List Price: $12.95

ISBN: 9780761151272

  Swing! by Rufus Butler Seder: Book Cover  from Publishers Weekly:

Admirers of Gallop! which last year introduced Seder's astonishing Scanimation technology, won't want to miss this sports-themed follow-up. Open the die-cut cover and see a baseball player swing his bat at a ball, then watch as the ball zooms ever-larger to fit the acetate window showcasing all this action. Yes, there's motion on each of these spreads, or the illusion of motion, as hidden engineering triggers codes on the b&w Scanimation images. As in the previous title, colored fonts and multicolored borders offset the severity of the b&w pictures and generate reader participation: "Can you ride a bicycle?/ spin! vrim! vrooom!" On other spreads, child athletes perform soccer drills, run, cartwheel, twirl on ice skates, shoot hoops, swim and lead cheers-it's all jaw-dropping, even if the novelty technology has yet to find its most imaginative application.

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