Matthew Van Fleet has written and illustrated an adorable interactive book about different kinds of animal tails with soft textures for young readers to feel, flaps to open, pull-tabs to pull, an">

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Matthew Van Fleet

Illustrator: Matthew Van Fleet

Harcourt College Publishers

Recommended for: Ages 2-5


Number of Pages: 20

List Price: $13.95

ISBN: 0152167730

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From Publishers Weekly: Spotted through a die-cut window forming the letters of this book's title, the furry tails of a tiger and bush baby and the bumpy tails of an alligator and a pangolin number among the seven textures little fingers can touch in this lively look at animal appendages. Sturdy pages feature friendly, frisky creatures interacting-and flaps and tabs encourage youngsters to do the same. A pull of a tab makes two young foxes' tails wag; a lift of a flap reveals the shimmering, Mylar-enhanced fanned-out feathers of one deservedly proud peacock, owner of the volume's most dazzling tail. Other child-pleasing pages include a pull-tab showing two tiny alligators hatching from eggs, displaying their "tails new"; and a pair of pages that open to reveal a whale of a tail, in fact "The biggest tail of all!" The entire cast poses atop the smiling mammal with their species labeled. A final spread offers a counting game, challenging readers to search the pages for two tigers, three foxes, four pandas, etc. Youngsters will hardly realize how much they're learning in this entertaining and eye-catching caper.

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